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Training is essential to the achievement of a business success. Employers should remember that effective training offers them an improved retention rate.

Our highly qualified professionals have an extensive range of expertise and experience offering different training in the following areas:


Financial Management Services Courses

This practical financial management course introduces delegates to the fundamentals of financial management. People attending this course will learn how to create budgets and cash flows; understand IFRS and IFRS for SME; PFMA and Treasury Regulations; balance sheets and other financial statements.


Courses offered

Course overview

Introduction to finance for non-financial managers

- Definitions

- How to read and interpret financial reports;

- Setting financial goals and monitoring financial performance

- Preparing better budgets

IFRS AND GRAP updatess

- Technical updates: newly effective and newly issued IFRS/GRAP,including interpretations

- Exposure drafts and recent amendments to existing standards

- Financial statements and disclosures

- Financial instruments

Understanding PFMA and Treasury Regulations

- How to effectively apply the requirements of the PFMA, Treasury Regulations and other related legislations

- Impact of non-compliance

- Case Studies

Practical finance, accounts & budgets for managers

- Comprehensive introduction to financial terms and accounting methods

- Understanding balance sheets, income and other financial statements and learning to draw conclusions, identify trends and highlight problems

- Reading and understanding cash flow statements

- Importance of working capital on the success of a business

- How to prepare, manage and monitor accurate budgets and forecasts

Payroll Taxes

- Structural outline of the taxation of employees

- Relevant definitions

- Fringe Benefits and Allowances


- Obligations of the employer

Practical Finance and Budgeting, cashflow management for employees

- The requirements applicable to monthly reporting and in-year monitoring of budgets

- Understanding of the legislative aspects pertaining to cash flow management

- Management and the efficiency of budget management

- Understanding of the accounting processes applicable to cash flow management.

Practical finance and budgeting for entrepreneurs

- Understanding a budget

- Learn the objectives and techniques of forecasting

- Purpose of Capital Budgeting

- Methods of Capital Budgeting

- Budgeting for Fixed and Variable Costs

- Return on Investment

- Asset management and cash flow management

- Update forecasts for actual results and evaluate actual results against forecasts

Financial literacy programmes

- Definition of financial management

- Elements of the financial management process

- Concept of accounting

- Objective of accounting

- Financial reports

- Financial statements interpretation and analysis

Corporate Finance & Capital Investment Decisions

- Equity vs debt and the cost of capital

- NPV and IRR

- The NPV profile for capital projects

- Depreciation, amortisation and impairment

- Purchase versus lease of assets

- Working capital management strategies

- Operating and financial leverage

- Alternative growth strategies


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